Joskin 6000

Dump wagon SOLD!!

2017, Multi purpose farm silage & grain trailer including extensions

joskin 6000 pic1primaryjoskin 6000 pic2 small joskin6000 small




Joskin KTP 27/65

Dump wagon Please Call! 2017, 30 ton construction dump trailer, Hardox 450 box. joskin1




Joskin KTP 22/50

Dump wagon Please Call! 2017, 2 construction trailers, 22 ton, Hardox 450.  Arriving in March 2018  22.50primary




Joskin Ferti-Space 6511

Manure spreader Please Call! 2017, vertical beater, 20 ton. 6511 primary




Joskin Ferti-Space 7014

Manure spreader Please Call! 2017, horizontal beater, twin disc, widespread, 22 ton. 7014 primary




Joskin Tornado 3

Muck spreader Please Call! 2017, 15 ton spreader.  Out of province. tornado3primary

Joskin KTP 22/50

Dump trailer Please Call! 2011 construction dump trailer in good condition, tires are 710 x 26.5 radials

2012 primary 


New-17  VAIA NL30 Dump trailer  SOLD!!

2017, 2000 cu. ft. wide body, mega silage box, Michelin tires 710/50 x 26.5, hydraulic suspension, 30 ton. 

nl30 primarynl302smallnl303small 




Dump trailer $47,000

2017, 24 ton construction dump trailer, Michelin tires

N24 yellow primaryn24.1 smalln24.2 small




Dump trailer $36,000

2017, 18 ton construction dump trailer, Michelin tires. (2 available)

n18 primary
New-20  VAIA N10 Dump trailer $19,000 

Place your 2018 order. 10 ton, box is 13'x7', hydraulic tailgate, hydraulic brakes, tires are 500/50 x 17

n10 primary
New-21 VAIA N24 Dump trailer $49,000

Place your 2018 order. 24 ton, hydr. brakes, hydr. draw bar suspension.  Custom colours, Michelin tires.

N24 primary




VAIA NL18 Dump trailer SOLD!

2017, Multi-purpose, 1200 cu.ft level, 1400 cu.ft heaped, removable extensions, 4 wheel hydraulic brakes, heavy duty undercarriage.  Available in different colours.

vaia 18 ton primaryvaia 18 ton small
New-23 VAIA MR45 Dump trailer $7,500

2017, 5 ton, removable sides, box is 12 ft x 6 ft x 18 inches.  2 units.

newmr45 primary
New-24 TT12X Dump Trailer $22,000

2016, 12-16 ton dump trailer with rock box, Hardox steel, 710 x 26.5 flotation tires





Schuitemaker 720S Silage trailer   Please Call! 48 cu.m rear unloading silage trailer, 2017. Out of Province.  720s primary




Schuitemaker Feedo 80-18 Feed wagon Please Call! 18 cu.m feed wagon, 2017. Out of Province. feedo primary




Schuitemaker Amigo 20S Bale buster & feed wagon Please Call! Bale chopper & feed wagon with feeding belt.  Out of province. Amigoprimary




Schuitemaker Rapide 580 Pick up wagon  Please Call!  Pick up feed wagon with feeding belt & beaters.  Out of province.  580primary




Schuitemaker SR 130


Pick up wagon  Please Call! 


Good condition, flotation tires, steering axle.


SR130 primary




Schuitemaker Rapide 6600 Pick up wagon  $90,000 


2013, high capacity pick up wagon, steering axle, tires are 710/50 x 26.5, still at the farm.







Schuitemaker Rapide 55  Pick up wagon  $65,000  2014, compact pick up loader wagon, tires are 550 x 22.5, still at the farm.  rapide 55 primary
New-32 Fendt 920 Vario TMS Tractor (in very good condition) $84,750

2005, 210 HP, 9660 hours, Quicke 990 loader, 50 km/h, rebuilt transmission.  Rear tires are 650/85 x 38, front tires are 600/65 x 34. All tires have 90% tread left.


fendt primary

New-33 Degelman Rock rake Order now & receive additional discounts

 14 ft. working width, hydraulic or PTO driven, minimum 50 HP tractor.

rockrake primary 
New-34 Degelman Rock picker Order now & receive additional discounts  5 or 6 ft. wide, hydraulic driven, flotation tires, hydraulic dump. rockpicker primary 
New-35  Degelman Rotary cutter  Order now & receive additional discounts   10 & 15 ft width, extreme duty commercial mower, optional side arm. 

rotarycutter primary 


New-36 Degelman Dozer blade  Order now & receive additional discounts    8-20 ft, mounting kits for most tractors.  Canadian built



New-37 Degelman Land roller Order now & receive additional discounts  10 sizes, 36" & 42" drum, 1,3, 5 plex, 20-80 ft width, ideal packing force.




New-38 Degelman  Manure spreader  Order now & receive additional discounts   28 & 34 tons, vertical beater, extreme duty with rock bypass. 


 manurespreader primary


New-39  Degelman High Speed Disc  Order now & receive additional discounts.  Call for demo! Different models to chose from, vertical tillage tool, 4 sizes, max trash flow.  Canadian built

degelman protill primary 


New-40  Titan G Series




Please Call! Gas, 2.0-2.5 ton (4000-5000 lb capacity) or 3.0-3.5 ton (6000-8000 lb capacity) titan gas primary
New-41  Titan D Series




Please Call! Diesel, 2.0-2.5 ton(4000-5000 lb capacity) or 3.0-3.5 ton (6000-8000 lb capacity)  titan diesel primary
New-42  Titan E Series 




Please Call! Electric, 1.6-2.0 ton or 2.0-2.5 ton (4000-5000 lb capacity) Titan E series primary
New-43  Jitney 




Please Call! Gas or diesel, 5,000-6,000 lb capacity   jitney primary




Cormidi C85 Mini-track dumper & loaders $18,000 2017, gas or diesel



 Strautmann Manure spreader   SOLD! 2008, 10 ton manure spreader, vertical beaters, in good condition. 



straut.2 smallstraut.3 smallstraut.4 smallstraut.5 small 


Zetor 8011 Tractor SOLD! 1977, 2 WD, 3618 hours, 18.4 X 34 tires, rebuilt engine zetor8011 primary zetor2small
Used-47   Container chassis $3000/each 2 container chassis, 20 ft (wheel dolly sell last) cont.chassisprimarycont.chassissmall 




Massey Ferguson 880

5 furrow plow $2,900 18" spacing, hydr. front furrow adjustment, hydr. reset, spring loaded coulters, good moldboards. masseyplow primary




  Bale spears  Please Call!
  balespear primary 


HM8 Dump wagon $4,900


8 ton, 14 ft x 8 ft x 6 ft with 3 ft. removable extensions







Zetor 8011 Tractor $2400 1977, diesel, it walks & talks, smokes, it just needs some TLC 8011primary




Cockshutt 30 Tractor $1700 Gas cockshuttprimary 


FAE UML/DT 200 Mulcher $19,000


6 years old


m1 primarym2 small




Joskin 4010 Siroko Manure spreader $35,000 2013, vertical beater spreader, 10 ton, with hydraulic end gate.  Siroko3 mainSiroko2 smallSiroko4 small




Kuhn Knight 2054 Manure spreader $37,000 2008, Vertispread Hydropush, coming in December.  kuhnknight primarykuhnknight small1






Weberlane Multi-Purpose silage/grain dump trailer Please Call! 25 ton, 24 ft. long box, flotationt tires, hydraulic brakes, lights. weber1 primary 






KNA 1248 Silage fork $4,800 Custom order only fork primary