KNA Automatic Greasing System for Farm and Construction Equipment

Groeneveld is the line of Automatic greasing systems Koolmees Equipment and KNA install on our new machines if a customer requests to have a system like this.

  • Automatic greasing systems can also be installed on your existing equipment new or used!

Why install a greasing system you might ask? How about reduced operational cost and less equipment down time.


The Groeneveld brand offers many great features and benefits to name a few:

  • 3 Pump sizes available.

  • Easy to Install.

  • Fully monitored main line sends a signal to the in cab mount in the event of a leak or blockage between the pump and the last block.

  • In cab display: Lube mode, selector switch with indication for low grease level, empty reservoir warning or system warning.

  • Less wear of moving part, grease acts as a barrier against moisture and dirt. Also protects against corrosion.

  • Small amounts of grease are injected at regular intervals while the machine is in full operation. This in turn lowers greasing costs.

  • An Automatic greasing system also relieves the driver, operator and service techs from the dirty and sometimes unsafe manual greasing.

  • Adjustable greasing cycle.

Groeneveld offers 8 different greasing systems. Contact us for more information and speak to someone in sales who can help you determine which system will work best for your equipment.

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