Service and Parts

Occasionally premium brand equipment requires parts and or service.


If you have a breakdown or need service one of our qualified mechanics would be glad to come out in the Koolmees service van to get you back up and running.

If we can’t fix you up on-site we do repairs and service in Norwich at 285687 Airport Road. 

  • Parts/Service is also available through your local KNA Dealer
  • Koolmees Equipment will service any line of equipment you may have.


Need a part for your Joskin construction dump trailer, mutli purpose trailer, volume trailer, muck spreader or manure tank; call us and we would be glad to check if we have it in stock if not we can get it on order for you.


Same goes for Schuitemaker Loader Wagons or ROC Hay Mergers, here at Koolmees we stock parts for these premium brand lines of agriculture equipment, and if we don’t have them in stock we can get them on order for you.


We also have parts for other lines of construction and agriculture equipment.

Don’t repair – prepare

We encourage you to contact Koolmees to get set up for our preventative maintenance program for your premium equipment. You work hard and spend that hard earned money to purchase these machines, spend a little more and keep them working for you longer. A little goes a long way.


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