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Teagle Tomahawk C12 Calibrator

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Tomahawk C12 Calibrator  
Designed for contractors and large scale operators, processing up to 11t/hr  

A high capacity mill for processing dry materials such as straw and miscanthus to a consistently short length for bedding, feeding and biofuel  

Straight forward setting of material output  
Quick change screens can be switched at ground level in minutes. The two-part screens are reversible and can be fitted in various combinations to control output of finished product.  

Only 1 operator required with Automatic Power Loading  
To maximise throughput and prevent overloading, the C12 governs bale chamber rotation automatically. Tractor power loading is controlled remotely from the loader vehicle via Bluetooth®.  

Designed for Contractors and Large Scale operators  
The C12 is homologated to 40km/hr, incorporating Air/Hydraulic braking combinations.  Service intervals are extended with high performance steel hammers and a wear resistant Carbide edge facing.  

  • Capacity - Up to 11t/hr  
  • Tractor HP - 120-200  
  • Material output - 20-100mm  


Tomahawk C12 Calibrator
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additional options

Additionalscreens Additional Screens
Quick change screens available with 100mm, 75mm, 60mm, 40mm, 30mm and 20mm sizes. (2 screens supplied as standard with machine).

Conv Deflect Conveyor Deflector
The Conveyor Deflector controls straw discharge when filling a trailer.
915x999 C12 Ball Hitch Option440x999 Drawback Hitch and Jack
An optional 80mm ball hitch can be specified in lieu of the standard bolt-on ring hitch. A manual Jack is available for either hitch type.
640x440 Grain Hopper Grain Milling Hopper
Fit the optional Grain Milling hopper into the bale chamber and fine screens
to the milling system to quickly convert the C12 from a bale processor to a high capacity grain mill.


benefits and features
Teagle Tomahawk C12 Calibrator Folding Conveyor
The hydraulic drive high speed conveyor delivers milled material up to 4.2m high into a trailer or onto a bunker pile with a minimum of dust. The conveyor folds neatly over the bale chamber for transport – all from the comfort of the tractor seat.
Spare Screen Storage Spare Screen Storage
Up to four optional spare screens can be stored in a rack positioned within the C12 body for safe transportation and instant access on farm.
Beacon Operator Info Visible Warnings and Safety
A beacon on the viewing platform flashes when the rotor speed drops to below 1800 rpm. This warns the operator not to load more material until the speed has recovered. It also serves to warn against climbing into the bale chamber. An emergency stop button, accessible from ground level, instantly stops the bale chamber rotation and the conveyor operation.
Hydraulic Oil System Independent Hydraulics
Protect the tractor hydraulics from overheating and contamination with the independent hydraulic system driven from the PTO. Fitted with 60 litre/min pump, 150 litre reservoir and oil cooler with auto-reverse cooling fan.
C12 Rollers Drive Chain Robust Bale Chamber Support & Drive
A heavy duty double pitch chain drives the Bale Chamber, which sits on and is guided by large diameter rollers.
Quick Change Screens Quick Change Screens
Screen switch is achieved at ground level from the rear of the C12, with no need to climb in bale chamber.
C12 Rotor Drive Belts High Capacity Driveline
The driveline has shearbolt protection, overrun protection, and finally a massive 8 belt system with 200HP capacity.


product specifications
PTO Speed 1000rpm
Loading Height  2.37m
Transport Width 2.39m
Transport Length 5.97m
Transport Height 3.20m
Working Length 8.74m
Conveyor Discharge Height  4.06m
Bale Chamber Diameter at Base 2.20m
Bale Chamber Loading Diameter 2.20m/3
Weight.  4200kg
Dual Air / Hydraulic Brakes  Std.
Minimum recommended HP 160 hp