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Teagle Tomahawk 7100

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Tomahawk 7100  
The ultimate in manoeuvrability and compact performance.  

Bed loose housing and cubicles, as well as processing short straw for feed  

  • Provides an even and absorbent bed of straw.  
  • Baled silage is lightly shredded making it more palatable and easily consumed.  
  • 3.0m³ capacity, for feeding baled and clamp silage.  
  • Spreads straw up to 20m from rectangular or round bales.  
  • Also available with Side Chute or ‘Dual Chop format’ for long or short straw at the touch of a button.  

Outstanding 'Flow Plus' Performance to save you money  

  • Greater output  
  • More consistent feed rate  
  • Controlled delivery at low fan speeds  


Tomahawk 7100
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additional options

Drawbar And Wheel Kit Drawbar and Wheel Kit
When using the 7100 with smaller tractors a drawbar and axle kit can be fitted. This makes hitching and unhitching easier, but makes the machine harder to reverse in narrow aisles.

Tailgate Extension Tailgate Extension
Increase capacity and ease of loading, attaches easily to a standard tailgate.
Road Lighting Kit Road Lighting Kit
Essential for highway use, the front and rear markers ensure that you operate safely when travelling on the road.
Hydraulic Filter Hydraulic Filter
In-line high pressure filter stops contamination from damaging the valve equipment.
Side Discharge Chute Side Discharge Chute
Deliver only to the right hand side, with slightly greater blow distance than the swivel chute. Discharge height is lower for easier access to low buildings. Chutes can be raised or lowered as required.
Pig Arc Chute Pig Arc Chute
A chute extension designed specifically for bedding pig arcs. Straw is easily directed through the front of the arc and into the bedding area. Note - this option can only be fitted to side chute models.
Clevis Drawbar And Jack Clevis Drawbar and Jack
Where no pick up hitch is available a clevis drawbar and jack is available for straight forward hitching and unhitching.
Wide Angle PTO Wide Angle PTO
For continuous operation when turning corners a Wide Angle Walterscheid PTO shaft is also available.


benefits and features
Improved Containment Improved Containment
Capacity of 3m³, an increase of 20% over the model that it supersedes. Higher sides reduce the likelihood of material spillage from the bale chamber.
Visual Feedback Visual Feedback
An indicator confirms the movement of the bed chain. The hydraulic motor driving the bed chain is not vulnerable to damage.
Heavy Duty Bed Chain Heavy Duty Bed Chain
12mm heavy duty bed chain, resulting in less tensioning adjustments. The chain does not have anything welded to it, which would lower its strength.
8 Paddle Fan 8 Paddle Fan
The fan has 8 paddles, 230mm width from 6mm steel. Rotor diameter 1.5m. The paddles can be individually replaced if damaged. The wide paddles blow more air, and so blow straw further.
Telehawk Wireless Control BoxWireless Control
Slimline control panel uses Bluetooth® wireless technology for straight-forward communication between the operator and the Telehawk.
High Performance ValveHigh Performance Valve
Hydraulic valve can take up to 60 litres/minute, resulting in less heating of the oil, faster response to the controls and more power being delivered to the Tomahawk.
Quick HitchQuick Hitch
Less hassle, the 7100/7150 models feature a Quick Hitch system for the lower link arms so that you can save time when hitching and unhitching.
Remote Control Tailgate Bedchain SwitchRemote control tailgate & bedchain switch
Load bales without having to return to the tractor cab, ideal when removing netting or wrap.


product specifications
  7100 7100SC
Chute Side Swivel
Dual Chop
No No
Straw Spread Spread
No. of crossbeaters 1 1
Capacity (m³) 3.0 3.0
No. of 5' round bales Straw x 2 / Silage x 1 (2 when trailed) Straw x 2 / Silage x 1 (2 when trailed)
No. of 8' rectangular bales (4'x3' / 4'x4') 1/1 1/1
Bale chamber (tailgate down) W x H x D 1.40m x 1.25m x 2.50m 1.40m x 1.25m x 2.50m
Blow distance (max.) 22m 20m
Min. tractor PTO 60HP (90HP mounted) 60HP (90HP mounted)
Overall width (chute closed) 2.2m (trailed option 2.27m) 1.86m (trailed option 2.10m)
Overall length (tailgate up) 2.65m (trailed 3.65m) 2.65m (trailed 3.65m)
Overall length (tailgate down) 3.80 (trailed 4.80m) 3.80 (trailed 4.80m)
Overall height (chute closed) 2.11m / 2.3m 2.29m/2.59m
Tyre size Trailed option 10.00/75-15.3 Trailed option 10.00/75-15.3
Oil flow rate (min-max) (l/min) 35-60 35-60
Feed Clamp Silage Yes Yes
Unladen weight (mounted) 1620kg 1640kg
Bed Cubicles / Straw Processing No No
Bed Loose Housing Yes Yes