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Schuitemaker - Rapide 5800 S / W

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   Typical Rapide 5800 S / W
  • Volume (DIN)  38 - 45 m3  
  • 24 ton following steered pendulum tandem  
  • Heavie model drive line  
  Standard equipment
  • Controlbox with full colour touchscreen. Mainfunctions available using 2 joysticks  
  • Star-shaped rotor of 9 rows and 20 mm thick tines with hard facing  
  • Stripperframe which leads to uniform cropload  
  • Both, rotor and pick-up are 2,0 (m) wide  
  • Heavy-Duty rotor system and driveline  
  • RapidFlow hydraulic driven intake roller  
  • Box construction with enforced side panels (galvanized and powder painted) and cage construction  
  • Height adjustable drawbar with swiveling towing-eye  
  • Hydraulic suspended drawbar with 2 hydraulic cylinders and accumulator  
  • Rapid Stream frontboard with 30 cm yellow steel extension (hinged)  
  • Unique suspended, floating pick-up with 2x2 pick-up wheels  
  • Wide-angle PTO-driveshaft with automatic cut-out clutch, 1000 rpm drive  
  • 3 sectional knivebar for max 43 knives (cutting length 4,4 cm)  
  • Standard equipped with 43 knives (6mm thickness, double edged)  
  • Steel floor with double scraper floor, hydraulically both-side driven, incl. 2 speed drive  
  • Scraper floor protected with automatic switch-off by backdoor (S) or lowest beater (W)  
  • Bumper with Led roadlights, set of 3 Led-working lights, Led-sidelights and reflection striping on backdoor, mudguards & mudflaps  
  • 24 tons pendulum tandem following steered, airbrakes on 4-wheels, parking brake, wheelbase 1.550 mm  
  • Tires Vredestein 710/50 R26,5 Flotation Pro Radial 10hls
Rapide 5800 S / W
Sale Type
technical data


  Technical data

Volume (DIN)           

 m3   38 / 38

Track width            

mm  2.100 / 2.100

Total dimensions (lxbxh)  

 cm 867x286x400 / 867x286x400

Box dimensions (lxbxh)  

cm 668x234x240 / 668x234x240

Pick-up width          

cm   200 / 200

Knive thickness

mm     6 / 6


 tons  24 / 24

Max. tyre height  

cm 137 / 137


  710/50 R26.5 / 710/50 R26.5

No. of silage beaters 

   - / 2
  Technical data


S = Standaard

O = Optioneel

Height adjustable drawbar with hinging drawbar eye (D50) s
Hydraulic articulated drawbar with cylinders and accumulator s
Colour-coded hydraulic hoses s
Steel sunken bottom with one-sided driven dual deck chain s
Deck chain end switch-off via backdoor (S) or bottom beater (W) s
Number of beaters - / 2
Rear bumper with lighting s
Reflective stripes on backdoor s
Set of 3 work lights o
LED side lights o
Set of mudguards s
Set of mudflaps (only in combination with mudguards) s
Building options

30 cm steel extension (hinged)

30 cm steel extension on backdoor o
Number of axles 2
24 ton pendulum tandem, following steered (wheel base 155 cm) s
Ball coupling K80 (80 mm) o
Distance of steering arm at 200 mm rather than 250 mm o
Lock following steering axle via control box o
Alliance 750/45 R26.5 I-380 o
Vredestein 710/50 R26.5 Flotation TRAC o
Vredestein 750/45 R26.5 Flotation TRAC o


Width of pick-up and rotor 2,00 m
Rotor diameter 650 mm
Star-shaped cutting rotor 20 mm wide tines
Number of stacked tines 9 tine rows
Number of cutting blades (double edged) 43
Cutting length 4,4 cm
Air brakes (on 4 wheels) s
HHydraulic brakes instead of air brakes (on 4 wheels) o
Air brakes combined with hydraulic brakes (on 4 wheels) o
Electric airbrake control (ELB) o